Le magazine anglais, Classic Military Vehicle du mois d'août 2009, l'éditorial de John Blackman, ses réflexions sur notre défilé de Bayeux…

La réponse d'Alain Quéméner et du bureau fédéral.

"Dear Sir,

I thank you for the interest you have for the parade that took place in Bayeux for the 65th D-day anniversary last June.

I read your irritation in your article, and I wish to give you some explanations; sorry for my English that is not so correct :

Some years ago, we used to have a great parade in Bayeux for the D-day anniversary. All types of allied military vehicles, coming from several European countries, were shown to many people. Unfortunately, it turned impossible to arrange such a parade, because too many people took part driving fancy vehicles, wearing excentric uniforms and drinking too much alcohol. All this wasn't appreciated at all by the town of Bayeux, nor by the veterans by the way. This parade was therefore cancelled during several years.

This is the reason why, in 2008, the city of Bayeux asked the M.V.C.G. to organise a "little" parade in June 2008, with 50 vehicles. Bayeux made a "contract" with the M.V.C.G. demanding quality, discipline and good organisation. It was a success, which allowed to organise the 2009 parade according to the same conditions - but with 250 vehicles - all belonging to clubs of the French federation M.V.C.G., and with fellow clubs from Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy meeting the same criterions and under the warrant of the F.F. M.V.C.G.

I'm sorry, but I never heard about any contact of the F.F. M.V.C.G. by any British Collectors Club. It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome a British Club within the F.F. M.V.C.G. - as Belgium or Luxembourg clubs already did - to work seriously together, to prepare 2014.

Entente Cordiale oblige.

Alain Quéméner;
Président de la F.F. M.V.C.G. & administrateur F.F.V.E."

Et deux mois plus tard, en même place, l'insertion de celle-ci et les considérations de John Blackman